Long Island Massage Therapy finds its Place in Complementary Medicine

In achieving an overall state of wellness, various fields and specialties play diverse roles. Medical studies have shown that massage therapy as a complementary treatment contributes to physical and psychological health. Brandi Schlossberg writes for MassageMag.com:

“When combined into a person’s regular schedule, both massage therapy and fitness can serve to boost overall health and wellness. These two undertakings both tend to promote better physical health and improved mental health, but massage therapy and fitness approach these goals in different ways. For this reason, massage therapy and fitness can serve as fantastic complementary routes toward well-being.”

Being complementary means that massage works with other methods of treatment to target the condition or symptoms of an individual. While a licensed Long Island massage therapist helps relieve pain and stress, conventional medicine or the necessary adjunct treatments should still be sought. Balance and comprehensive health plans, including massage therapy, can provide a more satisfying outcome.

Improvement of blood circulation is an advantage of massage therapy. Calculated strokes and techniques stimulate blood flow to areas with poor supply like the joints and extremities. Because of this, pain or stiffness is relieved and mobility is improved. This has been observed in patients with spasms or rigidity after suffering strokes, and patients with arthritic pains.

Clinical trials have shown that massage therapy can lower blood pressure. The relaxation or stress relief offered by massage is observed to decrease levels of cortisol, which is a stress hormone. This way, massage helps those with hypertension and other heart diseases with elevated blood pressures.

Even depression has been shown treatable with massage. The specialized therapy raises the mood-stimulating neurotransmitters (natural chemicals in the brain) called serotonin and dopamine. These findings were uncovered in cancer and stroke patients afflicted with depression.

Massage therapy takes up its place in complementary medicine, beyond mere leisure activity. Of course, medical advice, maintenance medications, proper nutrition, and exercise should not be ignored. Scheduling regular massage therapy in Long Island, such as in reputable massage therapy centers like Touch of Health Massage and Myofascial Release, can be a component for a healthier lifestyle.

(Source: Massage, Fitness Approach Wellness in Different Ways, MassageMag.com, February 19, 2014)

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