Article: Myofascial Release, Therapy Option by a Long Island Massage Therapist

Some Long Island residents may have to work in nearby New York. That fact usually means that they have to take two hours of travel every single weekday just to get food on the table. Constant exposure to such long commutes can mean fatigue to both their minds and bodies.

Body pains due to overworking and fatigue will have a detrimental effect on people’s performance levels if left unchecked. An article published at details the results of a study on a good solution to body pains that can be offered by an excellent massage therapist in Long Island:

“The study, “Sustained Release Myofascial Release as Treatment for a Patient with Complications of Rheumatoid Arthritis and Collagenous Colitis: A Case Report,” aimed to determine any changes in range of motion, fatigue and gastrointestinal (GI) tract function following an intervention period of sustained release myofascial release.”

Myofascial Release: Therapy Option by a Long Island Massage Therapist

“Results of the research showed improvements in pain, fatigue, GI function, cervical range of motion and quality of life following the two-week period, when six sessions of sustained release myofascial release were applied. These improvements were sustained for a total of five weeks during the eight-week interim period that followed the last session of myofascial release.”

Myofascial therapy is a kind of soft tissue therapy that aims to give relief from skeletal muscular immobility and pain. The techniques used in this kind of therapy are meant to relax the muscles and help them move. The therapist will locate areas that feel stiff and fixed, as these are thought to be instrumental to widespread pain; focused manual pressure and stretching are frequently used to enable the parts to become more relaxed.

The release offered by myofascial therapy is extremely beneficial to those living on Long Island, as the method will relieve them of body pains that they accumulated from the constant commuting to NYC. As the method targets areas that are stiff instead of relaxed, it will loosen up those stiff muscles and allow the patient to enjoy their weekends better.

An effective myofascial release in Long Island can go a long way for many Long Island residents who have physically challenging professions. People who are interested to learn more about the method can consult local therapists, like Touch Of Health, who can provide expert opinion on its specific effects on the body.

(Article Excerpt and Image from Case Study Shows Benefits of Myofascial Release,, January 31, 2012)

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