‘Proper Circulation via Massage and Myofascial Release

On average, you have about 10 pints of blood circulating throughout your body at any given time, which keep all your physiological systems well-oxygenated and functional. Primarily composed of the heart and blood vessels, your circulatory system plays a vital role in your overall health. According to an article from DivineCaroline.com, “

[i]mproved circulation can enhance mental performance, boost the immune system and metabolism, and can even give skin an extra glow.”

Signs of Poor Circulation

When your blood can’t circulate freely, you become open to various diseases as your organs, from your brain down to the muscles that move your toes, won’t receive adequate nutrition and oxygen. Common signs of low blood circulation include numbness and weakness in the extremities, chest pain, and slow-healing wounds.

Massage: Get Things Flowing

To maintain a healthy body, you must live by the motto: “prevention is always better than cure.” Therefore, before you even feel the initial signs of poor circulation, you might want to start eating a well-balanced diet and regularly schedule a visit with a licensed massage therapist in Long Island. The article from DivineCaroline.com explains:

“A good massage works to improve circulation in two ways: it relieves stress, which can cause irregular circulation, and it moves blood through congested areas, freeing up circulatory blockages.”

Myofascial Release: Circulation for Healing

If you suffered muscular injury, you ought to consider consulting a Long Island myofascial release practitioner, such as Marisa Chadbourne of Touch of Health Massage & Myofascial Release. Myofascial release is a gentle soft tissue therapy that aims to improve blood and lymphatic circulation, relax the contracted muscles, and stimulate the stretch reflex of the affected area. Generally, the therapist will identify tight or sore spots and apply the right amount of compression and stretching on them, usually over a number of sessions, until the client reports significant relief from any pain or discomfort he used to experience.

(Article Information and Image from Four Tips for Better Circulation and Why It’s So Important, Divine Caroline)

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