When Your Body Talks, Do You Listen? Deepening Body Awareness

Everyone’s body is different, and we all want to feel good. To achieve this, what works well for some, may not be the best choice for others. It is important to remember that we all have our own, unique body chemistry.

Right now, the health and wellness industry is taking off like never before. There is a myriad of information out there on nutrition, supplements and complementary healthcare in general. It can feel overwhelming and confusing, especially when knowledge from reputable sources contradict each other. It’s easy to forget to check in with our own bodies, and how we are feeling. This is especially true when we are bombarded with an overload of information, and the opinions of others.

It takes an awareness and attentiveness on our part to hear the messages our bodies have for us, but it’s worth every moment for the empowerment we gain. For instance, I know two women who are the same age, have a similar diet, exercise regularly and take very good care of themselves, in general. A couple of years ago, both of these women were suffering from unwanted weight gain and mood swings due to hormonal changes. Initially, they both went through periods of frustration, trying to navigate these changes. Another similarity they both shared, was how they really tuned in to what their bodies were telling them. If something they tried didn’t agree with them, they trusted how their bodies felt and kept searching. Over a period of two years, both of these women found a way to change their body chemistries, but in very different ways from each other. While I witnessed them searching for what worked best for them, I wasn’t surprised to see what worked for one had failed the other. During their quest for physical and mental harmony, they found their rhythm of complementary modalities. These modalities were different for each woman, but were perfectly suited to each.

Discovering your personal journey in finding what works best for your body is easier than you may think! Our bodies are constantly giving us signals. It is always letting us know what we need to address, in order to function at our best ability. Listening to these signals is a key component to living the best quality of life possible. For example, some of you may be experiencing neck or back pain, headaches, mental stress or fatigue throughout the day. These are signals that are already screaming! Most likely, there was a subtler message being sent before that headache or back pain occurred. When we take time to slow down and listen to the quieter signals, (or the whispering) from our bodies, we can prevent them from becoming a desperate scream.

Body awareness becomes easy with the practice of quieting your mind and listening to your inner voice. It’s simple, sit or lie down in a quiet room, close your eyes, and breathe deeply. Are you feeling stressed? Do you feel pain anywhere? If so, what type of pain are you feeling (dull, achy, sharp etc.)? Are you feeling fatigued? Is it challenging for you to quiet your mind and slow down your thoughts? What emotions are coming up for you?

If we really pay attention, these subtle communications will help us answer all of these questions. Your body is always trying to tell you what it needs. Once you begin to listen, you become aware of any disharmonies that may exist. You learn more about yourself, and what you need to address, so that you can start looking for ways to improve your health. Seek out the right health care professionals for you, or try some simple self-care techniques to begin. Whenever trying new supplements, always check with your doctor first, as they may have an adverse effect combined with any medication you are currently taking. However you choose to begin, give yourself the credit for doing so!

Here are a few tips to help deepen your body awareness!

– Take 5 – 10 minutes a day to check in with your body. If you need assistance please see my Beginner Guided Meditation for Body Awareness video.

– Create a healthy balance between Body, Mind and Spirit

  1. Body – Find what harmonizes your body. Is it exercise you enjoy, a healthy way of eating, bodywork, dancing, acupuncture, or yoga?

  1. Mind – Take the time to relax your mind with activities like meditation, deep breathing, creative expression (painting, drawing, writing, cooking etc.), reading, and laughing.

  1. Spirit – What brings you joy in your life? It could be as simple as taking a walk on the beach, spending time with friends and family, a hobby that you love, the appreciation of art and music, or helping people who are less fortunate than you. Many people enjoy volunteer work, and find great solace in providing a service to others.

– Be easy with yourself and embrace where your body is. Even the most healthy and active people go through challenging times with their bodies.

Kim Sonsky