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Restorative Yoga with Essential Oils

The First Sunday of Every Month!


2032 Route 112
Medford NY 11763

Please call (631)730-5814 to register.

Class Fee $25

Restorative yoga is a relaxing, revitalizing and meditative yoga practice. This restorative yoga practice begins with a 10 minute guided meditation to help calm the mind while bringing focus to the present moment. Rather than actively positioning yourself in poses, you will learn how to “receive the pose” with the support of props, while your mind is reminded to slow down and notice the breath. During this class, your body is fully supported in poses for 5-10 minutes with various props such as bolsters, blankets, straps and blocks. Essential oils and Reiki will be used on specific areas of the body and chakras (energy centers) to aid in this healing restoration. If you live in a stressful state most of your day, this class will help you to actively release that stress in a blissful state of consciousness and sleep.


Nina Iannizzi Triolo
Owner of Loving Balance Yoga

Nina discovered yoga during a trip to Sedona Arizona 18 years ago. As a software developer, it became a way of switching off the analytical part of her mind and de-stressing from the demands of her profession. It has kept her grounded and brought her back to health after her life spiraled out of control from a debilitating and life changing illness. It was the healing power of her practice that inspired her to become a teacher and share her love of yoga with others. Nina received her 200-hour Yoga Alliance certification from the Yoga Darshana Center, a school she chose because of their ‘Yoga for Everyone’ philosophy. She trained under Amrit Desai and has also received her 500-hour certification at Kripalu school of Yoga.