Myofascial Release THERAPY

Myofascial Release (MFR) is a hands-on soft tissue technique that facilitates a stretch into fascial (connective tissue) restrictions, which helps bring the body back into its natural alignment. Sustained pressure is applied to the tissue restriction for three to five minutes. After 90-120 seconds the tissue begins to undergo histological length changes allowing the first release to be felt. The therapist follows the release into a new tissue restriction and holds. After a few releases, the tissue will become softer and more pliable. The restoration of length and health to the myofascial tissue will take pressure off pain-sensitive areas as well as increasing range of motion within the body.

What to expect on your first visit

You will need to bring loose comfortable clothing, or a bathing suit (two-piece for women), whichever you're most comfortable in. Also, please avoid putting any lotions or oils on your skin the day of your appointment; a lotion free surface is needed for optimum results. MFR is a connective tissue therapy designed to bring the body back into alignment; therefore a full postural evaluation is needed prior to treatment. The therapist assesses the body for misalignment and/or poor range of motion looking for tissue restrictions and possible fascial strain patterns. After the postural assessment is over, your therapist will then choose which techniques will work best during your session to meet your goals. 

When the treatment part of your session is completed, your therapist will devise a personalized self-myofascial release plan for you to do at home. Home care is highly recommended for reaching goals as well as increasing the benefits from your session. Every client receives a small soft sports ball on his or her first visit so self-myofascial release home care can be started right away.