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Marisa Chadbourne of Touch of Health, in my opinion is one of the most caring and competent Massage Therapists I have ever experienced. She has done wonders for the stress I experience from time to time in my back and neck. I leave her office feeling rejuvenated and I highly recommend her!

Joel D, Middle Island

I’ve been seeing Marisa for about 6 months- I schedule 30 mins., once a week and she has made a dramatic difference in the health of my left leg- which was severely broken. I suffered a life threatening blood clot in this leg followed by multiple surgeries and for the last 5 years I have had a lot of trouble with pain, swelling, numbness and other issues. Marisa is extremely talented and professional. The effects of her care were apparent to me from the first session and she has been contributing to my new-found all-pervasive sense of well-being. Her office is welcoming and she has a very soothing, open personality that makes you feel very comfortable and sincerely cared for. I highly recommend Touch of Health for anyone recovering from injuries or surgeries, or to relieve pain or stress. I really believe in Marisa and am so grateful I became her client.

Eddie S, East Setauket

I go see Marisa whenever I can for her great treatments. I am a massage therapist myself, so I know a quality treatment. Marisa takes her time and really listens to any issues I have depending on the day. Her combination of expertise, vast knowledge, and passion for what she does really come through in her work. She always leaves me feeling relaxed, refreshed and pain-free. The only bad thing about her sessions is that eventually, they must come to an end. A great massage isn’t only about technical abilities; it’s about being able to be really present in the moment. Most people are only mediocre at what they do; when you come across a standout, like Marisa, you know it.

Val D, Medford

I work long days doing physical labor, and have a lot of back pain. Whenever i go to see Marisa, I experience immense relief from my pain. Marisa always finds time for me and works with my difficult schedule. She is always professional and very pleasant. I would reccomend her to anybody!

Jeff B, Coram

I am a monthly client of Marisa. I have pain issues and this helps my overall quality of life. My experiences with massage, hotstones, aromatherapy, Myofascial Release and Reiki have been blissful and rejuvenating. I highly recommend Touch of Health!

Virginia C, Wading River

Marisa has been treating me for a couple of years. She has succeeded in relieving pain and reducing tightness in my back from arthritis and occasional over exercise. I highly recommend Marisa because of her professionalism and her ability to tailor any session to produce the maximum healing effect. She is a caring professional who takes the time to explain and answer questions.

James T, Port Jefferson

I am pretty tough when it comes to critiquing other healing arts practitioners. I am retired from massage however, Marisa is an ace in my book. She is knowledgeable, professional, heart centered and has magic in her hands. That’s all the ingredients I need. I don’t meet many LMT’s with consciousness in their hands. I highly recommend her.

Renee M, St. James

Marisa is a truly talented massage therapist who has a real understanding of the body and how it is put together, what can go wrong and how to put it right again. And she is a very nice, wholesome and soothing person to spend time with, I always feel better after my time with her. After a few sessions my neck pain was gone, and I have been having regular treatments to keep my stress levels in check. I strongly recommend her to anyone seeking a massage therapist.

Anna M, Old Field

Whenever I feel my aching shoulder or back act up I make an appt with Marisa online. She is friendly and very easy to work with. I’m so glad she is located so close to us but I would still travel miles to see her. I wish I had more time to meet her but I’m just too busy. My wife loves going to her as well. Her technique is unique and I have had a lot of bodywork so I can tell when someone is better than most.

Nagendra S, Setauket

I’ve been going to Marisa for over 6 years now. I have fibromyalgia and require special care with my bodywork. It’s a challenge and can be different every time I see her. She always LISTENS to me and my body and knows how to change the treats accordingly with ease! I walk out of our sessions always feeling better no matter what state I was going in.
I would highly recommend her to anyone. I’m already spoiled and wish I can carry her in my pocket with me wherever I go.

Kim S, NY NY

When I first started with Marisa at Touch of Health, I was looking for relief of continuous pain in my back and legs, and a good night’s sleep. I had been seeing doctors for years, receiving injections in my back for sciatica and back pain due to herniated discs and previous surgeries. I had been seeing neurologists for muscle cramps, was on many medications and nothing was helping. Marisa has been a Godsend and an answer to prayer. In a very short time the cramping episodes have lessened by 90% and any sciatica problems are immediately addressed, and for the most part are alleviated. I have finally been able to sleep at night. Marisa is a very knowledgeable massage therapist.

Donna I, Sound Beach

I have chronic pain due to an accident and try to see Marisa once a week for Myofascial Release. Marisa is an amazing intuitive healing facilitator and has successfully treated me many times giving me great relief of my pain which lasts.

Stephanie M, East Setauket

I have seen Marisa for a few years now. She has worked wonders with my pain issues! My most recent visits to Marisa was to treat a Hip and IT band injury. Marisa listened to the specifics of the injury and addressed the pain using Myofascial Release techniques that have helped me tremendously. I went from constant pain with trouble walking, sleeping, and standing to the ability to perform normal daily activities pain-free. I highly recommend MFR and Marisa to EVERYONE!

Kerri W, Mount Sinai

I began reiki treatments with Marisa about 5 months ago, soon after I had my car accident. I was in pain on a daily basis and she suggested Myofascial Release for more relief, and she was right! I am now able to work, which requires me to sit at my desk and in front of the computer all day long, and I am able to do my daily activities. I will continue with my massage sessions because I know it will balance me in the long run. Oh, and she is a very sweet and caring massage therapist!

Maria S, Stony Brook

I began Myofascial Release treatments with Marisa after fracturing my shoulder and going as far as I could with physical therapy. I had limited range of motion, and my doctor thought I would need surgery. After working with Marisa, my range of motion is now 95%. My doctor didn’t expect me to improve to this degree without surgery! I am convinced that MFR has helped me to heal beyond what I thought was possible. I am very grateful for Marisa and her amazing healing work.

Jill M, Port Jefferson

I was referred to Marisa for Sciatica pain down my left leg due to a herniated disc. Over the years I have tried various treatments including massage, chiropractic, and acupuncture, but I have seen the best results from Myofascial Release. Marisa has shown me that through MFR, I can be completely pain-free. After just 15 minutes on the table, I find myself experiencing a new kind of total relaxation. I was impressed by her knowledge of the human body and holistic healing. She always takes the time to listen to my symptoms, and then treat accordingly. She has also given me self-treatments to perform at home which contributed to my recovery. Thank you, Marisa, for teaching me the benefits of MFR. You truly have healing hands!

Glenn D, Hauppauge

When I went to see Marisa I could hardly move my neck and had been in pain for days. After a one hour session with Marisa’s magical touch, along with her wisdom about the body, I am feeling great. I woke the next day with no pain. In fact, we had 14 inches of snow in our area and I had to shovel for over 2 hours. I was really surprised that I could exert my body without any pain or recourse the following day. When I am in pain again, the first place I will go is to Marisa for Myofascial Release.

Alyse P, East Setauket