I was referred to Marisa for Sciatica pain down my left leg due to a herniated disc. Over the years I have tried various treatments including massage, chiropractic, and acupuncture, but I have seen the best results from Myofascial Release. Marisa has shown me that through MFR, I can be completely pain-free. After just 15 minutes on the table, I find myself experiencing a new kind of total relaxation. I was impressed by her knowledge of the human body and holistic healing. She always takes the time to listen to my symptoms, and then treat accordingly. She has also given me self-treatments to perform at home, which contributed to my recovery. Thank you, Marisa, for teaching me the benefits of MFR. You truly have healing hands!

Glenn D, Hauppauge

I have seen Marisa for many years now. She has worked wonders with my pain issues! My most recent visits to Marisa were to treat a Hip and IT band injury. Marisa listened to the specifics of the injury and addressed the pain using Myofascial Release techniques that have helped me tremendously. I went from constant pain with trouble walking, sleeping, and standing to the ability to perform normal daily activities pain-free. I highly recommend MFR and Marisa to EVERYONE!

Kerri W, Mount Sinai

I began Myofascial Release treatments with Marisa after fracturing my shoulder and going as far as I could with physical therapy. I had limited range of motion, and my doctor thought I would need surgery. After working with Marisa, my range of motion is now 95%. My doctor didn’t expect me to improve to this degree without surgery! I am convinced that MFR has helped me to heal beyond what I thought was possible. I am very grateful for Marisa and her amazing healing work.

Jill M, Port Jefferson

I’ve been going to Marisa for over 10 years now. I have fibromyalgia and require special care with my bodywork. It's a challenge and can be different every time I see her. She always LISTENS to me and my body and knows how to change the treatments accordingly with ease! I walk out of our sessions always feeling better no matter what state I was going in. I would highly recommend her to anyone. I’m already spoiled and wish I could carry her in my pocket with me wherever I go.

Kim S, New York City

When I went to see Marisa I could hardly move my neck and had been in pain for days. After a one-hour session with Marisa's magical touch, along with her wisdom about the body, I am feeling great. I woke the next day with no pain. In fact, we had 14 inches of snow in our area and I had to shovel for over 2 hours. I was really surprised that I could exert my body without any pain or recourse the following day. When I am in pain again, the first place I will go is to Marisa for Myofascial Release.

Elyse L, East Setauket